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Sectoral Logistics Solutions

We know, your business is special. Discover here our solutions that meet the logistics and transportation needs of your industry.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We do not confuse you with dozens of services. We gather all your logistics and transportation needs under a single solution.


Do you want to get to know us? Everything you wonder about Netlog Logistics Group is here.


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We see ourselves as a long-lasting plane tree with deep roots and serious investments in its foundations.

Since the first day we were founded, we have worked hard and made huge investments. We became Turkey's largest logistics company in a very short time. But throughout this whole process, we have always kept our feet firmly on the ground. We have taken this place, which is a summit for many companies, as a solid foundation, because we see ourselves as a plane tree that makes serious investments in the ground, that is, in its foundation, instead of a poplar tree that grows rapidly and disappears quickly. Like a plane tree, we are working to build a structure that is long-lasting and firmly rooted in the ground.

Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability is of great importance for our partners, customers, employees, suppliers and our country. As Netlog Logistics, we take the necessary measures to ensure our Economic Sustainability with this awareness.

  • We are preparing for future competition and making the necessary investments by working on new business models that will shape the future of the sector.

  • We listen to our customers and determine strategies by analyzing where their sectors are heading.

  • We strive to achieve the highest quality/cost ratio in the services we provide.

  • We strive to produce value-added services that our competitors cannot copy and are difficult to imitate.

  • We apply a transparent, open and sharing management model in order to maintain a long-term partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Domestic Product Preference

Netlog purchases millions of TL goods every year. We make sure that the products we buy are locally produced as much as possible. Even if the parts in the product are imported, we prefer products that are assembled in Turkey or on which value-added services are performed. If the quality is consistent, we support the Turkish economy and production power by prioritizing the domestic product as a company. As expected from a company with 100% Turkish capital.

Local Employee

As a company, when we invest in a region, we take care to employ the people of that region and invest in the local people. In our overseas projects, offices and companies, we bring Turkish managers to the forefront, enabling them to gain experience in global competition. While doing this, we also try to contribute to the people of that country culturally and educationally.

Equal Right to Work

In Netlog Logistics companies, female employees have the right to work under equal conditions with male employees. At Netlog, our female employees can work as office staff, warehouse service officer and even as a city delivery driver if they wish, just like our male employees.

Incentives for Education

As Netlog Logistics, we continue to support "education, society and the environment" with a sense of social responsibility. We select all our colleagues with great care and provide expertise to the teams with continuous training.

Sustainability at Netlog

In addition to the material gains we provide, we are responsible for being beneficial to our employees, humanity and nature; in short, we are responsible for creating added value for our entire environment.

Organizational Goals

Our goal is to contribute to each member of our team, our customers and the world. For this reason:

  1. Thanks to our ethical, transparent and sharing approach, we will be a company that stands out, is preferred by customers, employees and suppliers, and maximizes quality and service standards.

  2. We will contribute to the planned growth of our country through the social conditions, new job opportunities and economic growth we provide. We will play a role in improving the living conditions of people by benefiting the environment in which we live and play a role in the continuation of economic development.

  3. We will ensure that our relationships with our business partners are long-lasting and grow with them.

  4. We will comply with the laws in all our work and give importance to human health. We will take all necessary measures to prevent our employees from getting into work accidents and ensure that such problems do not jeopardize our business.

  5. We will minimize the damage we cause to the environment in our work, we will create a peaceful, clean and healthy work environment for our employees and ensure that they work more motivated. We will do our best to leave an environment where the next generations can benefit from the world as much as we do.

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