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Sectoral Logistics Solutions

We know, your business is special. Discover here our solutions that meet the logistics and transportation needs of your industry.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We do not confuse you with dozens of services. We gather all your logistics and transportation needs under a single solution.


Do you want to get to know us? Everything you wonder about Netlog Logistics Group is here.


Find contact information of Netlog Logistics centers and warehouses. We are here for every question you have in mind.

E-commerce Logistics

E-ticaret Lojistiği

Integrated Software

Netlog warehouse management system works integrated with all marketplaces and cargo companies. In this way, with a very fast integration with you, you can open your products to the world very quickly.

Common inventory management (Off-line and online)

With Netlog warehouse management system, you can manage your store and internet sales from your stocks in the same location through a common stock tracking mechanism. In this way, you do not have to determine separate stocks for your store or internet sales, and the products are automatically deducted from your stocks according to the sales intensity, providing you with serious convenience in production and sales planning.

"The integration between Netlog's own systems and our systems by Netlog's own team enabled our operations to start very quickly. In addition, the warehouse management systems it used supported our rapidly growing volume and needs. It worked without crashing even during the peak seasons."


– Nilgün Canan – Ceo

E-commerce logistics is critical for internet sales.

With the introduction of new technology and software into our lives, the trade flow we are used to has changed shape. A significant proportion of sales in sectors such as fashion and FMCG have shifted from traditional retailing to virtual retailing. To serve e-commerce, it is crucial to understand the logistics needs of the online sales channel. Netlog has been a solution partner in e-commerce logistics for the world's best-known brands since 2014. We use the knowledge we have gained from our national and international customers active in many sectors and the industry's most advanced logistics infrastructure to grow your business in the virtual market.

E-ticaret Lojistiği

E-Fulfillment Centers

Netlog E-fulfillment centers are warehouses designed to meet all value-added service needs of companies that sell their products over the internet. From these warehouses, where the goods of many companies using the same sales channel are located, regular deliveries of goods are made to all market places and cargo companies.

E-ticaret Lojistiği
E-ticaret Lojistiği

Pick & Pack Operations

We make the orders coming from marketplaces or your own website ready for cargo delivery on your behalf in the fastest, error-free and undamaged way. Since we do the work of many companies like you in these centers, we reduce your costs by minimizing the costs of dedicated personnel and space usage. Above all, we give you guaranteed deadlines for your products to be collected, packaged and shipped.

E-ticaret Lojistiği
E-ticaret Lojistiği

How do we manage peak seasons?

A good e-commerce logistics company shows its difference with its performance on intense campaign days such as Black Friday. In these days, it is of great importance that every link of the technology, collection and packaging and distribution chain works in harmony together. Netlog shows its difference in this chain.

Our technology processes large amounts of incoming data in instant order bursts without any problems and quickly.

We have an HR system that can provide the skilled manpower required for the collection and packaging of products in the fastest way possible.

We serve you with both external and our own cargo company to distribute the deliveries of the packaged products without delay.


B2B Delivery

As Netlog, we deliver your products in the fastest way to anywhere in Turkey both with our Netkargo brand and with our other cargo partners.


Dedicated Distribution

In certain product categories and customer demands, we emphasize the brand awareness of our customers by making deliveries with our dedicated vehicles and employees with the corporate identity of our customers.

E-ticaret Lojistiği

Returns Management

Return product management is a very important task in internet sales. The return process management of the returned products, counterfeit product detection, preparation of the products and taking them back to the sales stocks should be done very quickly and correctly. Netlog is a company with serious experience in this regard.

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