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Sectoral Logistics Solutions

We know, your business is special. Discover here our solutions that meet the logistics and transportation needs of your industry.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We do not confuse you with dozens of services. We gather all your logistics and transportation needs under a single solution.


Do you want to get to know us? Everything you wonder about Netlog Logistics Group is here.


Find contact information of Netlog Logistics centers and warehouses. We are here for every question you have in mind.

Netlog Gıda Perakende Lojistiği

Food Retail Logistics

We manage all the logistics operations you need from purchasing to the shelves of your markets in the fastest and most efficient way. In short, we make your job easier.

Gıda Perakende Lojistiği


1600 Direct commodity collection link with food producers

Home delivery management (with conventional / electric vehicles)

Turkey's largest general and temperature-controlled storage and distribution infrastructure

Preparation of promotional products

Direct store delivery without the need for a central warehouse

In-store merchandising operations

Warehouse, cross-dock and inventory management

Inter-store transportation solutions

Return product management

Whether it's in your warehouse

or in our warehouse on behalf of your brand

We manage the logistics process management of your brand either from your warehouses or through our own warehouse on behalf of your brand.

We ensure that the products you sell in your stores are brought to the warehouses established as control and acceptance centers, quality controls are carried out according to the working procedures (SOP) we have designed together with you, collected and consolidated on the basis of stores according to the orders from you, and distributed to your markets/stores by vehicle or multiple routing model.

National and Local Market Chains

Grocery Stores and Kiosks


Gasoline Stations

Customers we serve

Netlog Lojistik İletişim

Nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?

Lojistik ihtiyaçlarınızı nasıl çözeceğimizi keşfedebilmeniz için size adım adım yol gösterebiliriz.

Netlog's approach and experience

We exist to understand the different needs of each of our customers, manage their expectations and offer the right solution designed just for them.

Understand our customer's business model

Although we offer different solutions for many sectors, we understand our customer's position, approach and vision in their sector and design systems that reflect this perspective.

Import & Export

Domestic Transportation

Warehousing and Distribution

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Value Added Services

E-Commerce Services

Return Product Management

Pallet Pooling

We offer you all the services that the food industry may need from a single source.

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