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Şahap Çak

Şahap Çak

Netlog Logistics Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

Keeping pace with the new world order

Dear Customers, Friends,

The world is changing very rapidly. Along with the effects of technological developments and new world problems such as the Covid-19 pandemic on our lives, our lifestyle and consumption habits are changing at the same speed. The only thing that does not change is that as long as human beings exist, there will be consumption, as long as there is consumption, there will be production, and there will always be logistics systems in the middle of all of this order. This is why the importance of logistics becomes more and more apparent as conditions get tougher, competition increases and things get more complicated. Because as margins fall, competition heats up and almost everyone offers the same concept, there is only one place left where you can make the real difference. Supply chain logistics.

And that is exactly what we offer you. A real logistics company is much more than warehouses or distribution vehicles. It means experienced manpower with a good command of logistics. You can buy technology with money, but it takes years of experience to use the right technology in the right place and in the right way. Netlog exists to bring innovations to the logistics sector. It follows world trends and realizes logistics systems that will be beneficial to its customers. It is to benefit both itself and its customers by training the logisticians of the future. In other words, it is to establish the logistics systems of the new world order.

Environmentally Responsible Logistics

The year 2020 hosted both the natural events caused by climate change and humanity's fight for existence against the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, which was challenging and which we all want to forget, has once again shown mankind how weak it still is despite all the technological achievements it has made so far. In a world where resources are decreasing every day but the population is increasing every day, it is imperative that we all mobilize today, even if it is too late, for future generations to exist. That is why in 2020, as Netlog, we decided to allocate serious resources to environmentally friendly logistics activities and we entered 2021 by signing many environmentally friendly logistics projects.

We will implement electricity generation systems from solar panels with a daily production capacity of 12 MwH, which are currently installed in 5 warehouses, in 35 warehouses by 2025 and increase this figure to over 60MwH.

We will ensure the lowest possible carbon emissions by regularly replacing our 1,200 tractors, all of which have Euro-6 green engines, with new models. But more importantly, we will take our electric distribution vehicles, which we have been developing for three years, on the road in 2021, and we will make 30% of our total distribution volume with electric vehicles.

We will use products from environmentally certified suppliers in all of our new warehouse constructions. Wherever there is waste in our companies, from food to paper, from room electricity use to vehicle battery recycling, we will take corrective measures and train our employees on these issues.

Let's not forget that there is only one of our world and we really like living in it.

Şahap ÇAK

Chairman of the Board
NETLOG Logistics Group

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