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Sectoral Logistics Solutions

We know, your business is special. Discover here our solutions that meet the logistics and transportation needs of your industry.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We do not confuse you with dozens of services. We gather all your logistics and transportation needs under a single solution.


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Temperature Controlled Transportation

Advantages We Offer You

Guaranteed to find a vehicle in all conditions

24/7 vehicle tracking and control center

Netlog assurance against damage and theft


By far the sector leader and pioneer


Active Customer


Turkey's largest temperature-controlled/frigo fleet

45,000 m3

Daily delivery in 3 temperature regimes

Extend the life and preserve the freshness of your products with our temperature-controlled transportation services.

Polar Express (PolarXP) is Turkey's pioneer and leading brand in temperature-controlled logistics. As by far Turkey's largest service provider in both temperature-controlled and cold chain logistics, we offer customized partial transportation and distribution solutions for your company. From the production line to the end consumer, we work to ensure that your products are transported at the ideal temperature, stored at the highest hygiene standards and reach the tables in a healthy way. We manage all your products that need to be stored in cool, cold or freezing temperature regimes or at room temperature with an understanding of timely and damage-free delivery, and we carry them on your behalf with our scheduled flights and urban distribution systems.

How Do We Distribute?

Goods Collection

Wherever you are in Turkey, your city is connected to a NetKargo warehouse. Our hundreds of temperature-controlled goods collection vehicles working in this region pick up your goods from your door and bring them to our goods collection/transfer warehouse in your city.

Main Line Haul Vehicle (Line Haul)

Every day, we organize scheduled truck trips shuttling between all our main warehouses / regional transshipment centers. During peak seasons and daily demand spikes, we do not leave your cargo on the ground with the inspected vehicles we procure from our other business units or suppliers, and we guarantee its delivery to our distribution warehouses.

Micro Distribution

We always deliver your cargoes quickly, on time and undamaged with our dedicated micro distribution vehicles for the distribution of your cargoes that reach the regional warehouses to which the delivery cities are connected with our line-haul vehicles. Your cargoes that arrive at the distribution warehouses are distributed with our micro vehicles within three hours at the latest after the main line vehicle arrives at the warehouse and the delivery is delivered to your customer.

How Do We Distribute?

PolarXP has the only temperature-controlled partial distribution network and solutions covering the whole Turkey. Whether your products are a parcel, a full pallet or more... We offer you the only distribution network that can deliver your products to 81 provinces and 931 districts of Turkey in 3 temperature regimes, always on time.

Isı Kontrollü Taşımacılık

How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how we can solve your logistics needs.

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