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Sectoral Logistics Solutions

We know, your business is special. Discover here our solutions that meet the logistics and transportation needs of your industry.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We do not confuse you with dozens of services. We gather all your logistics and transportation needs under a single solution.


Do you want to get to know us? Everything you wonder about Netlog Logistics Group is here.


Find contact information of Netlog Logistics centers and warehouses. We are here for every question you have in mind.


Operational Rental Service

We work as a business partner with the world's leading warehouse equipment manufacturers in this field and provide equipment rental services to your company. In addition, with our technical team reaching every region of Turkey, we carry out your maintenance and repair operations in the fastest way possible and guarantee that your business is not interrupted. As Netİstif, we manage thousands of warehouse equipment parks in nearly a hundred companies in Turkey.


By offering you the most suitable, new or second-hand equipment for your business at the most accurate cost, we ensure that your operations run efficiently and allow you to invest your company's most important resource, capital, in more important areas of your business instead of equipment.


We are at your service with Netİstif to produce solutions for all warehouse stacking machine needs you may need.


We are responsible for both the maintenance and replacement of the vehicles we lease in case of breakdown. In addition, we are always at your side with the information technology infrastructure we have created exclusively for rental, regularly inspected service points spread all over Turkey, a service network that can reach every point in Turkey 24 hours a day, and a team of experts in after-sales services and fleet management.


With NetFilo, we save your company from a big trouble. We make operational leasing of commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans that you need in your business, and we eliminate the capital requirement for the purchase costs of such equipment.


Netlog, one of Turkey's largest private companies in fuel procurement, shares the cost advantages it has gained from this with its customers through the NetCard fuel program. NetEnerji customers participating in the NetCard application can purchase fuel at a discount on pump prices.

Netlog Energy

We are at your service with all our logistics support solutions from fleet leasing to warehouse vehicle supply.

The difference of an extraordinary company is evident in the services it offers. As Turkey's most extraordinary logistics service provider in our field, we not only provide you with transportation, storage and distribution services in your logistics operations, but we can also create your own vehicle fleet if you wish. We rent modern warehouse equipment for your warehouses and provide you with advantages in capital utilization. Thanks to Netlog's fuel purchasing power, we provide discounted fuel supply to your company with Netlog fuel cards.


How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how we can solve your logistics needs.

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