Warehouse Management Systems

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the brain as well as the nerve-center of a logistics service provider. The efficient warehousing and delivery preparation of millions of products demands technologically advanced systems and an experienced team. All of Netlog’s warehouses are run by highly experienced logistics professionals, who oversee automated systems based on sophisticated platforms such as Manhattan, RedPrairie, Microsoft Dynamic AX and Axata. These systems allow for the detailed tracking of every product, and can generate in-depth reports that are studied in order to provide even further benefits for the customer.

Customer Portal and Visibility

The Netlog Galaxy system allows customers to observe their entire supply chain in real time, offering the possibility to manage orders, inventory levels, and KPI's 24/7.

IT Integration Process

Achieving and maintaining the seamless digital integration of customer ERP systems with Netlog’s WMS is crucial for the speed and accuracy of the operation. It was among Netlog’s highest priorities while developing – and indeed continuously improving – its WMS to make sure that the system is easily interfacable to whichever system the customer uses. Consequently, integration is fast, easy, and problem-free. Netlog’s WMS has already been interfaced with some of the world's most commonly used information systems, including SOAP, REST and EDI. Netlog’s in-house systems development experts are capable of managing integration projects of all sizes . The team works in tandem with our internal software development team, ensuring the rapid and error-free deployment of even the most complex integration missions.

Netlog’s Warehouse Management Systems have already been interfaced multiple times with the most widely used ERP systems in the world. Netlog’s systems and software development teams use the SOAP, REST and EDI technologies to complete the integration projects.

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Netsis
  • Nebim
  • Logo
  • Promax
  • Dynasty

Software Development

Netlog’s in-house team of software developers specialize in providing customized systems for logistics management sofwares. The team constantly updates and improves existing softwares, undertakes customer ERP integration projects, and develops bespoke new softwares catering to the needs of customers across various industries.

In-house Developed Softwares


An in-house software developed to manage the digital documentation and archiving of important company documents as well as transport paperworks as proof of deliveries.


Shipment Visibility Software designed to effectively control over 33.000 orders deliveries daily.


Shipment Visibility Software designed to effectively control over 33.000 orders deliveries daily.

Data Backup and Safety

Netlog runs high-end systems that operate in real-time and are available online at all times. All IT/IS systems include multiple layers of redundancy to ensure absolutely zero downtime. There are two mirrored system nodes built on metro-cluster technology, ensuring uninterrupted operation for all our systems. Additionally, all systems and data are periodically backed-up to an off-site location to ensure there is no data loss even in the event of an unforeseen event.

Our Technology

Netlog uses state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that work in tandem with advanced automation devices, which combine to make the warehouses operationally highly efficient, saving both time and space.

    These systems provide for

  • Unbeatable simplification, reliability and flexibility
  • A high degree of cost-effectiveness
  • Accuracy of operations, eliminating the possibility of error
  • An increase in productivity
  • Speed, as operation time is significantly reduced
  • Less manpower (up to 50% less)
  • Real-time information on order progress and status

The following technologies are used in Netlog warehouses

AS/RS (Automated storage and retrieval system)

Netlog uses AS/RS systems within its warehouse for customers looking to store high volume of palletized cargo. Netlog currently manages 3 AS/RS warehouses with a total pallet storage capacity of 110.000.


Netlog uses the aid of sorter systems when a customers business requires a high volume of unit picking operations. Netlog currently operates several sorter system types from flat pack to bombay to hanging garment sorters, with a total conveyor length of 12 km's and over 500 induction stations.


Netlog uses the aid of pick to light systems for some of its operations where it aims to provide a warehousing service with a leaner process, shorter throughput time and fewer errors resulting in increased customer satisfaction and operation speed.


Netlog uses voice picking systems to increase picking accuracies during operation as well as the warehouse staffs picking and replenishment speed thanks to hands free operation capabilities.