“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success”
Henry Ford

No matter how clients view their logistics challenges, Netlog will manage their expectations, and provide the right customer specific solution.

Netlog works with hundreds of customers across a variety of industries, providing direct insight into particular market trends in different sectors. The more we work with our customers, the more we learn that each company is profoundly different from one another within the same industry.

Netlog understands and appreciates that no one can know the customers business better than the customer itself. Our industry experts work closely with clients in order to achieve the best possible understanding of their needs and devise a supply-chain model that will not only work efficiently today, but will also prove adaptable to future trends in the industry.

NETLOG differentiates customers in 3 segments:

  • Those who know what they want, are familiar with 3PL logistics systems, and have been using them for some time.
  • Those who use 3PL logistics systems, but with poor set up and experiencing problems.
  • Those who do not use 3PL logistics systems and manage logistics with in-house developed solutions.

STEP 1: Understanding the customer’s business model

Even though Netlog provides different solutions for many sectors, it is important to fully understand each customer’s unique view and vision for their industry, and design systems reflecting this outlook.

STEP 2: Get a clear understanding of the existing logistics organization

In addition to an in depth understanding of the customer’s business model, Netlog also aims to get familiar with the existing logistics operation supporting this model, and any advantages or disadvantages it may entail.

STEP 3: Recognize the priorities of the customer

The way of doing business will differ from one company to the next, even for those active in the same industry. Customers will have priorities shaped according to their business model, and no two companies are the same in this regard. Netlog aims to recognize its customers’ priorities, and offer bespoke logistics and supply-chain management solutions built on these foundations.

  • Data Gathering

STEP 4: Netlog’s solution proposal

Netlog’s wide-ranging experience across a number of industries and the know-how it has accumulated over the years are combined with the expertise of its staff, who will make a tailor-made proposal to our customers.

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Project Timeline
  • Cost Proposal

STEP 5: Customer sign-off for project implementation

Netlog’s relationship with its customers are for the long term which is why we like to make sure that the customer has the time and support to study the proposal in depth, and be absolutely comfortable with it before signing off, so as to preempt any potential misunderstanding down the line.

  • SOP Designs
  • KPI Discussions
  • Contractual Terms Discussions and Sign Off
  • Appointment of the Project Manager and Customer Management Team
  • Warehouse Equipment Ordering:
  • Staff Recruiting and training
  • Systems Integration with Customer
  • Systems Set Up in the Warehouse (Testing):
  • Receiving the First Shipment

STEP 6: Continuous improvement and customer management

Even after handing off the completed and implemented project to the warehouse management team, the Netlog project team will continue to observe the process and carry out tests in order to ensure that everything is done in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Customer Portal Set-up
  • Auditing
  • KPI Management
  • Staff Management
  • Cost Saving