Netlog is a leading International Garments on Hanger (GOH) road freight transport company.

With more than 200 trailers, Netlog owns one of the largest GOH fleets within Turkey and the Netherlands. As an experienced fashion transport company, Netlog offers services to more than 29 countries from its hubs in Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, and UK .


Netlog offers its GOH customers an International Road Freight and Cross-Border transport organization capable of reaching out to 29 countries across Europe.

    Netlog offers its GOH customers transport service over two primary International trade lanes.

  • Bi-directional Turkey to Europe lanes
  • Intra-Europe Cross-Border services

Service Types to Meet
The Shipment Size

For International GOH cargo road freight operations, Netlog is capable of offering its customers the service type that best fits them interms of the number and volume of their shipments. Highly experienced operation teams using advanced shipment planning tools combine matching loads to provide customers cost saving while meeting their trnsit time requirements.

    Service Types

  • Full Truck Load
  • Less Than Truck Load

Transit Time

Netlog offers several choices depending on how quickly customers require delivery. When shipments suddenly become urgent, Netlog’s flexible service speeds accommodate rush deliveries which is commonly seen across major industry verticals like Fashion, Food, and Automotive.

    Service Speed Options

  • Flexible
  • Standard
  • Express
  • SuperExpress
  • Flash

Customs Documentation

Customs documentation is an integral part of International transport services. No matter the mode of transport being employed, accurate and timely customs documentation needs to be prepared to ensure smooth delivery of cargo. Under the same roof, Netlog offers integrated transport solutions to include customs clearance services.


Netlog offers in-transit visibility throughout the shipping process, making tracking information available to customers 24/7. Customers can access and manage shipment information through the Netlog Galaxy Portal. Customers and their customers can track and trace cargo on Netlog’s website viewing shipments on an AWB, B/L, or CMR level.

Cargo Security and

Netlog vehicles are equipped with several levels of security including digital and hidden door locks, steel enforced curtain slides, hard sided walls, and panic buttons within the cab. Netlog utilize satellite tracking and calibrated temperature control devices to monitor assets 24/7. Netlog drivers go through extensive training on cargo security and proper loading and lashing procedures to minimize risk of damage to cargo during transit. In the very rare and unfortunate cases of theft or damage, Netlog is fully insured for all liabilities to include cargo as well as 3rd parties.

Transport Solutions

In 2014, Netlog has reduced its CO2 emission levels by more than 30.000.000 kg's by moving more trailers via Ro-Ro and Rail services across the continent.

Netlog is serious about providing efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions. The company has invested in innovative multimodal operations and developed a sophisticated transport management system in-house. Netlog’s pioneering efforts have meant more rail versus truck movements, use of Ro-Ro and Ro-LA transport, and additional multimodal routings. These efforts were made with the intent to increase efficiencies to our customers while reducing cargo emissions.