Liquid bulk transportation of food products requires extensive sectoral know-how as well as special attention on product safety.

Netlog is renowned for its capabilities to move large quantities of liquid bulk food products such as milk, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, and starch. On top of its liquid bulk food transport services by tank containers and liquid bulk tankers, Netlog is also capable of managing the high volume transport of non-food products such as granular petrochemical, petroleum, CNG and LNG.


Netlog Offers Solutions for the following types of products in the food and non-food categories. Although Netlog is know for its unique capabilies within food sector, it is also capable of offering services across various other industries.


  • Milk
  • Cooking Oils
  • Cacao Butter
  • Starch


  • Polyethylene
  • Crude oil
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • LPG and CNG

Transport Planning

Netlog has developed a specialized transport management system (Milkyway TMS), to manage the efficient collection of liquid bulk products. The system manages the over all utilization of the fleet to save costs on fuel consumption and eliminate the empty kilometers traveled. Milkyway enables Netlog to offer customers best in class services, while managing a very cost driven, tight operation.

Secured Transport
by Trained Drivers

Managing a general cargo transport operation is a tough job. Managing transport operations of liquid bulk food products and industrial chemicals is a tougher job. Netlog offers customers and experienced liquid bulk team who pay particular attention to the specific requirements of cargo being transported.


Netlog uses several types of tanker trailers as well as tank containers to offer solutions to its customers. Depending on the cargo type andorder size, Netlog derives the right type of equipment to service the needs of its customers. Managing both owned and sub-contracted fleets, Netlog provides customers with full transport visibility and guarantees equipment meets customer quality standards.

Quality Control
At Collection Sites

For some type of products where Cargo is loaded from 3rd party vendors or locations, Netlog offers its customers on-site quality control services. Water and antibiotic tests are some of the specialized work Netlog preforms on behalf of the customer.

Real-Time Reporting and
KPI Management

Netlog has developed an automated call center for drivers to report key events at each point during the collection and/or drop-off. Customers can use Netlog Galaxy Portal to effectively manage their shipments on-line or request Netlog to integrate its TMS with their ERP's