Mining & Minerals

Netlog offers a variety of services for companies operting within various segments of the the mining and minerals industry segment.

Mining companies and the material trading companies are the major two segments within this industry. Netlog is known for its logistics service capabilities in more complex and remote regions where mining and mineral companies heavily operate. Mining sites are mostly located in remote locations way out side any major city or settlement. Netlog has the service capabilities to such locations where it deploys its own equipments. Netlog is also know for its service capabilities to move the earth products to the global consumption markets by using all neccesary transport modes(rail/truck/tanker/Sea) from the mines in major countries as Turkey or remote sites in countries as Mongolia.

"We have been working with Bleckmann Logistics for over 10 years now. Their commitment to our business in Europe and professional approach has always been very positive towards us. Thank you Bleckmann for being a true solution partner of ours."

Global Logistics Director
Abercrombie & Fitch

International Transport
of Mining Equipment

Netlog offers its customers in mining industry a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, road and multimodal transport modes for moving their equipment in to their mining sites in around the world. Netlog also offers customers in this line of business global transport solutions to move their earthed products around the globe.

Open Yard

Netlog is an experienced service provider when it comes to managing open yard storage facilities. Storing the neccesary products such as pipes and equipment parts in the right order, safe and sound is crutial to run a flawless exploration and production process. Netlog manages such yards for companies operating on land. Moving the much needed valuable Cargo to sites the fastest way possible.

Remote Site
Food Support

Apart from offering transport solutions for equipments related to mining sector, Netlog is also know for its unique food transport capabilities to such challenging sites. Between 2011 and 2014 Netlog has delivered over 15.000 truck loads of temperature controlled food products to some of the most challanging regions in the middle east and central asia region.
Netlog, works together with its customers in this field and remote site catering companies to create product baskets, manage the procurement process, supply Management, transport and deliver to such sites under schedule. Netlog manages all such procurement and suply chain Management opertions under its ANELE company and brand. To Learn more,

Remote Site
Dedicated Trucking

Sometimes the location of a mine has a negative impact on the mining company. Mines with challenging locations can create additional transport costs thus making the cot of the earhed mineral more epensive thn the market rates. Netlog works together with its customers to set up dedicated transport solutions that fits best their products. Netlog has set up dedicated trucking opertions as well as rail service solutions, making it possible for its customers in remote sites to sell their products globally and still be competitive.

Project Cargo

Netlog offers the much needed Project cargo solutions for customers in mining sector looking to move equipment parts or oversized vehicles across the world to manage their sites effectively.