Industrial Goods

Netlog offers integrated transport and logitics solutions designed to meet the everyday needs of the industrial goods manufacturers, importers and exporters.

Netlog offers customers in this line of business a global sales support system using Netlogs one stop shop international transport management capabilities as well as making import and export logistics fairly simple for customers. Netlog is also known for its local warehousing and domestic transport solutions to offer customers the local infrastructure they need to run a cost efficient supply chain cycle.

"We have been working with Bleckmann Logistics for over 10 years now. Their commitment to our business in Europe and professional approach has always been very positive towards us. Thank you Bleckmann for being a true solution partner of ours."

Global Logistics Director
Abercrombie & Fitch

International Transport
of Industrial Goods

Netlog offers its customers in Industrial goods sector a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, road and multimodal transport modes. A full line of transport services are available for customers looking to source products or raw materials from vendors around the globe or customers looking to ship their finished products around the world in the most efficient, fast and secure way possible.


Netlog offers customs bonded and general warehousing services as a complementary service to its import, export and nationwide logistics set up. Netlog also offers customers warehousing services under several contractual terms making it possible for customers to choose the service standart that best fits their expectations. Customers can simply enjoy the flexible slot allocation opportunities to run an opertion with multiple peak seasons through out the year and not baring the cost of holding empty space in own warehouses or receive the undivided attention and %100 focus in a customer dedicated warehouse.

Value Added

Netlog offers a full range of value added services for food manufacturers and retailers, making it possible to maximize the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under all temperature controlled environments Netlog is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customized supply chain systems. Learn more about Netlog VAS operations.

    Netlog VAS Operations for Industrial Goods Sector

  • Barcoding
  • Minor Assambly Operations
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Batch Management
  • Order Picking
  • Returned Product Re-Processing
  • High Value Storage

Project Cargo

Netlog offers Project cargo solutions for customers looking to move oversized Cargo or even a whole factory from one place to another. Running a combination of dedicated and subcontracted fleet park and a highly experienced Project Management team, Netlog have succesfully completed numerous operations with operation sizes ranging from a piece of 80 tons to a transport operation of 1.000 truck loads in a period of 5 days.