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Netlog offers a variety of services for consumer electronics industry, ranging from global freight management to TAPA Certified warehousing, product assembly to product delivery Management.

Everchanging technology sector also requires a logistics company that can change at the same speed of the market requirements as well as apting to the customers fast decision process . Netlogs global freight management capabilities combined with its warehousing and value added services such as product assembly in destination, makes it possible for technlogy companies to manage a more flexible supply chain and faster product delivery and replenishment process. Netlog offers tailor made solutions for both technology OEM’s and companies sourcing parts to these OEM’s.

"Ulker has been workking with Netlog over 10 years now. THeir commitment to our business and professional aproach has always been a pozitif for us. Thank you Netlog for being a very good partner of us."

Logistics Director Ulker
Amhet Senocak

International Transport
of Consumer Electronics

Netlog offers its customers in Consumer Electronics industry a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, road and multimodal transport modes. A full line of secured and general transport services are available for customers looking to source products from global markets or customers looking to sell their products around the world.

Consumer Electronics & Warehousing

Netlog offers specialized warehousing solutions for consumer electronics. Netlog manages customer dedicated sites to store consumer electronics in Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and UAE , offering solutions under general and customs bonded environments. Netlog manages the logistics of some of the most known retail brands in the world providing access to a market of 49 countries within the EMEA Region.

E-Commerce and

Netlog offers some of the best practices in the market for companies looking to develop their on-line presence as well as already active e-commerce companies. In 2014, Netlog has managed the deeply customized flow of over 26.000.000 e-fulfilment orders, making it possible for its customers to reach out to 49 countries within Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

    Netlog Services for E-Commerce

  • On-line sales platform development
  • Product Cataloging
  • Value Added Services
  • Pick & Pack Operations
  • Special Packaging
  • Return Goods Management
  • Forged Product Identification management
  • 4PL Carrier Management for E-Commerce Order Deliveries

Distribution Solutions /
For Retailers

Consumer Electronics Industry, compared with all the industry vertials, is the fastest changing one of all. Which is one of the reasons why it is crutial to have a fast running supply chain. Netlog offers the much needed fast and secured transport services for the consumer electronics industry, creating the neccesary competitive advantage for the success of thecutomer.

    Distribution Solutions For

  • Direct Retail Store Delivery Management
  • Delivery to Product Distributors
  • 4PL Carrier Management for E-Commerce Sales

Value Added

Netlog offers a full range of value added services for food manufacturers and retailers, making it possible to maximize the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under all temperature controlled environments Netlog is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customized supply chain systems. Learn more about Netlog VAS operations.

    Netlog VAS Operations for Consumer Electronics Industry

  • Barcoding
  • Alarm Tagging
  • Assembly
  • Minor Product Repair
  • Personalization and encraving
  • Returned Product Re-Processing
  • High Value Storage


Product Return Management is as important to our customers as forward logistics operations. Netlog manages the reverse logistics operations of its customers under a different operational set up. Products are received, sorted, checked and re-processed for re-sale operations. Netlog also runs a special operational division to manage the product returns that are fake.

    Services under Return Management

  • Product Collection from Retailers
  • Product Return Management
  • Product Sorting
  • Product processing
  • Forged Product Identification and extermination