Fashion & Lifestyle

With Bleckmann as its subsidiary, Netlog is a leading fashion & lifestyle logistics service provider within Turkey and worldwide. Managing the supply chain flow of over 300 million pieces of fashion & lifestyle products and distributing packages worldwide to e-commerce consumers, retail stores and wholesalers, Netlog is known for its global logistics capabilities.

Netlog offers global fashion brands a full scope of supply chain management solutions starting from the point of manufacturing at origins (overseas) until delivery to end consumers around the world. We focus on helping customers to reduce lead times, inventories & storage costs and improve speed-to-market in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Netlog offers a broad range of services for different types of fashion & lifestyle product categories, ranging from clothing, shoes and accessories to personal gadgets. With Bleckmann as its subsidiary, Netlog gains a strong base in Europe, expanding to the US and Asia and servicing customers across the globe. Founded in 1862, Bleckmann has evolved from a transport company into a full supply chain solutions provider with a specific expertise in e-fulfilment solutions.

Bleckmann’s investments and vast experience in IT solutions enable a use of a globally unified platform. Every day 3000 team members support Bleckmann customers to deliver on their promises.

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International Multi-modal
Inbound Solutions

Bleckmann’s multi-modal inbound solutions ensure fashion & lifestyle customers’ orders are effectively managed and transported from manufacturing origins to destination warehouses or distribution centres.

Bleckmann offers a global reach of partner network with local know-how to provide Freight Forwarding services of both Garment on Hanger (GOH) and boxes with flat packed garments by Air, Sea, Road and inter-modal service including Air-Sea, Sea-Barge, Sea-Truck, Rail-Road and Short Sea services, based on customers’ requirements and priorities. End-to-end logistics services including local handling at origins and destinations, consolidation and customer clearance are offered to improve visibility and optimise speed.

Bleckmann can also act as single point of contact for customers to manage their vendors and orders in terms of vendor compliance program, Purchase Order (PO) management, quality control, production schedule, shipment management, documentation and tracking & reporting.

Customers benefit from Bleckmann’s total inbound solutions supporting by its integrated IT solutions and flexible Order Management System (OMS).

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Warehousing &
Value Added Services

Bleckmann manages over 25 warehousing & fulfillment facilities with a total storage capacity of over 600000 m2, located in strategic fashion hubs in Europe, North America and Asia. Annually, Bleckmann processes over 300 million fashion and lifestyle units for customers of different sizes and scales.

By offering flexible, scalable and innovative warehousing capabilities and utilizing optimal processes, automation and sorting technologies, Bleckmann provides efficient and cost-effective operations. Major warehousing services include warehouse design & development, bonded warehousing, deconsolidation & reconsolidation, inventory management, order fulfillment and cross-dock operations.

Due to its industry expertise and know-how, Bleckmann provides specialized value-added services for fashion & lifestyle products ranging from reconditioning, quality control, special packing services, monogramming, engraving & embroidering, in-house photo studio to returns management.

Our customer-focused warehousing and fulfillment operations supported by Warehouse Management System (WMS) aim to optimize speed to market and increase efficiency of inventory management. Accelerate your response to fast changing customers demand in the fashion and lifestyle business.

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E-commerce Fulfillment and Omni-channel Distribution

Bleckmann offers best practices in managing order fulfillment and worldwide deliveries to consumers for E-commerce/online fashion business at different scales. In addition to e-commerce deliveries, the omni-channel distribution service also manages deliveries to retail stores and wholesalers, annually processing more than 20 million packages worldwide.

Bleckmann’s integrated warehousing and fulfillment services include a full range of order processing services. E-commerce orders are picked and packed, labelled, sorted and dispatched for deliveries, with Track and Trace within the timeframe agreed with customers and at minimum costs.

Bleckmann delivers online orders to over 6 million consumers worldwide: directly to their homes, via PUDO points or customers’ own retail stores for Click & Collect across Europe.

For B2B deliveries, Bleckmann supplies thousands of retail stores in Europe with specific solutions based on store categories and their delivery requirements (i.e. time slot delivery, book-in and drop & lock). Bleckmann also supplies stock in bulk to distributors of various types and scale, including all major E-commerce platforms and fulfilment centres.

The omni-channel distribution, supported by the partnership with over 50 “Local Hero” carriers, in addition to Bleckmann own linehaul and X-docks, allows to provide more than 175 different services and delivery options worldwide. Our warehousing and omni-channel distribution services are flexible and scalable to accommodate volume surge in peak season at the highest quality level.

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4PL Carrier

Bleckmann has designed “Local Hero” service to create an alternative to the big courier delivery boys of the world. With Bleckmann’s Local Hero Service Customers are capable of managing multiple courier service providers across Europe under the same IT system while receiving the cost and speed benefit of working with some of the best local practices in the direct delivery to consumer segment .
Bleckmann has created a European wide e-commerce delivery network with some of the best local courier companies in their respective countries making it possible for its customers to manage multiple service providers in countries where they feel the global service providers are failing them.


Bleckmann’s omni-channel distribution is complemented by a full range of returns management services, such as regrading, repacking, restocking and more, resulting in resale or return to origins.

In the highly competitive fashion industry, a fast and easy return process for e-commerce consumers can boost their repetitive purchase and brand loyalty. Easy configuration of fashion customer’s website connecting to Bleckmann’s returns portal can accommodate flexible options for consumers, ranging from home pick up, PUDO pick up or return to retail store.

Bleckmann’s omni-channel distribution and returns management capabilities also support return of stock from retail stores and bulk returns from wholesalers accordingly to customer requirements.

Sustainability of return management solutions supports fashion brands to maintain low inventory and fast replenishment of merchandise for multiple channels.

Value Added

Bleckmann offers a full range of value added services for all players within the fashion industry, making it possible to maximize the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under its state of the art storage facilities, Bleckmann is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customized supply chain systems. Learn more about Netlog VAS operations.

    Netlog VAS Operations for Fashion Industry

  • Barcoding
  • Alarm Tagging
  • Steaming
  • Ironing
  • Minor Product Repair
  • Personalization
  • Returned Product Re-Processing
  • High Value Storage
  • Forged Product Identification and extermination

High Street Store and
Mall Distribution

Bleckmann is a leading service provider when it comes to delivering customer products to High Street stores and Shopping Malls across Europe. Runing a specially designed transport Management system for delivery planning as well as managing a European wide distribution network of its own, also with a partial ownership in the leading european fashion distribution network for garments on hangers, Bleckmann is one of the very few logistics service providers capable of managing the delivery of products to retail shops through out Europe.


Globalization and expansion of international trade in fashion & lifestyle products has added complexity in customs handling for our customers. Bleckmann’s long dedication to the industry and the highly skilled employees have taken the complexity out of customs process to make sure customers’ shipments move through smoothly.

Bleckmann provides standard and tailored made customs solution aiming to optimize the total supply chain. Services include:

  • Global customs brokerage services for export, import and transit
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Fiscal representation
  • Customs reporting

Bleckmann is AEO certified (Customs and Safety) and possesses all customs licenses. All customs solutions are supported by our high-tech Duty Management System (DMS) linking with all government agencies to improve speed of customs clearance and minimize duties.

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