Netlog works together with Automotive OEM’s to design a supply chain management model to fit the unique competitive environment of the industry as well as managing the over all challanges through out the automotive supply chain cycle.

Netlog offers variety of services for Automotive industry catering the needs of just in time (JIT) delivery requirements. Managing cost effective international transport services with fast delivery capabilities, milk run collection systems from Vendors, and value added services during transit are some of the very few services Netlog currently offers for its customers within the Automotive Industry. Netlog is the prefered logistics company by both the OEM’s and part suppliers for Automotive manufacturers for its capability to solve complex matters in a fast and creative way.

"We have been working with Bleckmann Logistics for over 10 years now. Their commitment to our business in Europe and professional approach has always been very positive towards us. Thank you Bleckmann for being a true solution partner of ours."

Global Logistics Director
Abercrombie & Fitch

We met Bleckmann while our logistics teams were struggling to fix the existing problems caused by our previous service provider in the middle of our season. Bleckmann's approach on our problems and the skill they had on resolving such caos madeit look easy. Which is what we like to experience."

Logistics Director

International Transport
of Automotive Parts

Netlog offers its customers in Automotive Industry a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, road and multimodal transport modes. A full line of transport services are available for automotive customers looking to source products from vendors around the globe under just in time delivery standart as well as parts manufacturers looking to ship their products around the world in the most efficient, environmentally friendly, fast and secure way possible.


Netlog offers the much needed Milk-Run collection services for the automotive customers, managing a continues timely product flow Management to the fctories with the highest possible capacity utilization in the distribution and collection vehicles. Netlog Milk-Run services benefit both the Automobile factories and the parts providers to such factories, while running a smooth just in time product delivery service and making it possible for both sides to optimize their inventory stocks.


Netlog is known for its deeply customized warehousing services for the automotive parts manufacturers. Netlog offers the much needed cross docking, general and customs bonded warehousing services for the automotive parts industry, with capabilities to store, pick and JIT deliver shipment orders to assembly lines within the automotive factories while running a FIFO inventory Management standard.

Passanger car and over sized Vehicle Transport Services

Netlog offers vehicle transport solutions for both Domestic and cross border operations. Solutions for passanger cars and oversized vehicles are bth provided by Netlog owned and subcontracted fleet.