Who We Are?

Netlog is a Turkey based, integrated logistics and transport services provider with operations in three continents. Netlog Logistics is the largest transport company in Turkey, and one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the EMEA region.

Netlog has 32 companies and 14 market leading logistics service brands under its portfolio, and operates an owned network of freight forwarding offices in key markets worldwide, as well as 74 warehouses across the EMEA region.

Since 2013, Netlog has been in transition from being the “Lead local logistics player” to the “Leading regional logistics service provider.”

What We Do?

Netlog is a logistics services conglomerate, offering a variety of services across three regions, ranging from general goods logistics and warehousing to international road, rail, air and sea freight transport services, to temperature controlled logistics and liquid bulk food transport.

Netlog serves a number of industry verticals, providing a fully integrated supply chain management system, while offering its customers the tools for better forecasting and inventory management.

Where We Operate?

Netlog offers full logistics and transport services out of its hubs in Turkey, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and the UAE, providing customers around the globe with efficient coverage of 49 countries across the EMEA region.

As a global freight forwarding, supply chain management, and transport services company, Netlog is also capable of assisting its customers with services across the globe, using the infrastructures of its local alliances.