Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Netlog uses a variety of Transport Management Systems to manage its domestic and international transport operations. While these systems are designed specifically for a particular mode of transportation, they are all integrated with Netlog’s SAP system and with Netlog Galaxy, the customer portal, to provide complete cargo management capabilities.

Customer Portal and Visibility

The Netlog Galaxy system allows customers to observe their entire supply chain in real time, offering the possibility to manage orders, inventory levels, and KPI's 24/7.

Software Development

Netlog’s in-house team of software developers specialize in providing customized systems for logistics management. The team constantly updates and improves existing software, undertakes customer ERP integration projects, and develops bespoke new software catering to the needs of various customers.

In-house Developed Softwares


A program developed to run an effective milk-run collection system for liquid bulk food products.


An in-house software developed to manage the digital documentation and archiving of important company documents as well as transport paperworks as proof of deliveries.


Shipment Visibility Software designed to effectively control over 33.000 orders deliveries daily.

Data Backup and Safety

Netlog runs high-end systems that operate in real-time and are fully online at all times. All IT/IS systems include multiple layers of redundancy to ensure absolutely zero downtime. At Netlog’s headquarters, there are two mirrored system nodes built on metro-cluster technology, ensuring uninterrupted operation for all our systems. Additionally, all systems and data are periodically backed up to an off-site location to make sure there is no data loss even in the event of an unforeseen event.

Our Technology

Netlog uses state-of-the-art fleet management systems that maximize efficiency, in addition to offering customers real-time information on the status and location of their cargoes, no matter what step they are in the logistics process.

    These systems provide for

  • Unbeatable simplification, reliability and flexibility,
  • A high degree of cost-effectiveness,
  • Accuracy of operations, eliminating the possibility of error,
  • An increase in productivity,
  • Speed, as operation time is significantly reduced,
  • Less manpower (up to 50% less),
  • Real-time information on order progress and status.
  • Integration Time Line

Fleet Management

Transport Planning

There is a team dedicated for truck planning and follow up on service times 24/7. On NETLOG owned fleets, NETLOG can provide its customers with information pertaining to routing and the shipment transit time log dated up to the past three years. NETLOG uses the top transport management systems in the market to run such a vast operation for different type of transport requirements..

Fleet Tracking Systems

All NETLOG vehicles are equiped with tracking devices to ensure tracibility, control and quality service level. Every single NETLOG vehicle is under 24/7 surveillance via one of the 3 tracking systems it uses in its vehicles. The fleet uses the GPS, GPRS or SMS services to track its vehicles

Driver Management

NETLOG realizes that its drivers play a vital role in the success of NETLOG as a service provider. For this reason NETLOG provides its drivers constant trainings on several courses. Each NETLOG driver receives up to 25 hours of training per year.